Participating Whole LIfe - a lifelong wealth

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Participating Whole Life insurance to create a tax-free pension does not affect the welfare of the elderly!
Participating  Whole Life insurance protects your assets and maximizes the transfer of wealth!


Participating life insurance (Whole Life insurance)


Participating (WHOLE LIFE), its premium is equal to the cost plus investment, but with the difference between UL is that the cost of such insurance and investment part can not be clearly distinguished, they are bundled together, and as a basic premium must pay The In other words, the basic premium which already contains the investment part, and this is the insurance company's experts to help users to invest, without the user to worry about.

Participating insurance the biggest advantage: young and timely; after retirement, can be used as pension pension; after the death of tax left to future generations.


Participating insurance advantage

(A) has a dual function of security and investment.

(B) the product has a high degree of transparency.

(C) expert financial management, effective control of investment risks, focus on capture opportunities for profit, customers sit back and relax, is expected to enjoy higher returns.

Participating insurance and tax

In Canada, the core issue is tax. We talk about financial management, whether it is in the process of creating wealth to take into account the tax, in the protection of wealth and transfer of wealth to take into account the tax, otherwise, the wealth created by the government into the pockets.

In Canada, there are only two things that are tax-exempt, a value-added part of the self-housing, and the second is insurance indemnity. Now we are all in the creation of wealth, wealth is very happy, but if you do not seriously consider the protection of wealth and transfer of wealth, and ultimately a considerable part of these wealth is created for the government. In fact, dividend insurance is a financial asset tailored to protect wealth and transfer wealth, it is also a very good tool for creating wealth, because its value-added part of the compounded tax-free growth.

It is a financial instrument that integrates insurance, savings, investment, deferred tax and tax exemption. It has financial instruments with risk management, asset preservation, asset appreciation, tax planning and heritage planning.

For high-asset, high-income people, this is a rare financial management tools. For children, this is one of the best tools to accumulate wealth. For businessmen, this is an irreplaceable tool for their families and their own accumulation of retirement income and heritage, or a good financial planning of financial instruments.

In the use of dividend insurance is, very flexible. Can be free to control the cash value of the policy account, can be used as investment or consumer spending, can also be used for retirement income sources. Can be withdrawn, you can also use the policy to the bank mortgage.

In the delivery of premiums, 20 years paid, life-long effective. In the case of payment of premium capacity problems, you can use the "offset premium." Way, with the policy cash value to pay premiums, policies continue to be effective, to the rich when the make up premium. Businessmen hold such a policy, in the business flow of funds difficult, you can use the policy of mortgage loans to obtain funds, the policy continues to be effective, to ease the funds when the loan repayment, policy assets continue to add value.

Participating insurance investment account management fee is very low, reasonable investment tax, tax avoidance; as a legacy, from creditors debt collection. Canada is one of the countries with the lowest insurance costs in the world. Insurance companies' investment accounts have many advantages: regular savings, accumulate; compound interest growth, value-added; value-added tax-free, indemnity-free.

Participating insurance for personal tax rates higher, relatively stable income, hope to maintain a stable return of the insured. And RRSP tax levied investment comparison, RRSP account to withdraw funds at the current income tax rate; people accidental death, as a legacy, according to the current year taxable income, after-tax children inherited part of the discount. Insurance investment advantage is very obvious, very suitable for family savings pension.


Classic Case
Case 1: Participating insurance - security and accumulated rich pension

40 years old male, good health / 50,000 per year. Immediately have 2,357,731 million insured amount. 20 years to ensure payment, a total investment of 1 million.
According to the current annual rate of return, the increase in cash value and compensation is as follows:

Age cash value compensation

65.164 million 2.77 million

75 284 million 4 million

90.58 million 564 million

Assuming the same rate of return in the current year, the loan interest rate is 5% (currently only 3.5%) unchanged, if 66-85 years of age using the policy of mortgage loans with supplementary income, the annual tax-free use of 102,000, and does not affect Elderly benefits, 20 years shared with 2.04 million, assuming that 85-year-old survivors can also leave about 2.26 million duty-free assets to children (net of loan principal plus interest). If you are ill, you can also use the cash value in the policy to meet the emergency needs! And all the assets of the policy-free creditors recourse.

Case 2: Dividends (Treasury Accumulation) Insurance - Give the child the best lifelong gift!

1. buy a house - money is not enough down payment.
2. buy the fund - worry about the loss, but also often take care.
3. buy insurance - return sound and secure, and the use of one-time payment, you can also enjoy about 22% of the concessions.

For a 12-year-old boy to vote 16, 105 years, the initial insured amount of 1 million. 20 years to ensure payment, a total of 32.2 million. The child's benefit is:
According to the current annual rate of return, the increase in cash value and compensation is as follows:


Age cash value compensation

65 2.9 million 4.96 million

90 979 million 11.23 million


The cash value in the policy can be used by children to turn around and use at all stages of their life (eg for business, buy or retire).

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